Benefits of Ductless Air Conditioning

It is still possible to have an air conditioning system in place where there is no chance the traditional duct air conditioning work can be done, in the form of ductless air conditioners. You will thus get to access some benefits, of which better energy savings happens to be one of.

Ductless air conditioners use the principle of split unit layouts, which is a relatively new thing. It has the condenser units placed outside, with the air units placed somewhere in the house. There are plenty of people who see the benefits of this new system for their houses. They all say just how wonderful its performance and energy savings properties are. They also point out other benefits they get to enjoy.

There being no ducts, they shall have access to cleaner and healthier air. Ducts have been known to allow the growth of bacteria, allergens, and the spread of diseases. Humidity is always present in air conditioning, where there is moisture. This is what will get trapped in the ductwork and lead to the growth of these harmful pathogens. When air blows through the vents, they get spread all over the place. With ductless air conditioning, you would not have such problems.

Ductless air conditioning systems are the low humidity low-pressure variety that gives off healthier air climate in any place they get installed. They also lead to lesser loss of chilled air, as is the case with the ducts, which have led to such huge losses.

They are also easier to install, going up at any point of the house. Since there is no need for the consideration of ducts, they take a relatively short time to install. Since there is no air exchange system needed, these air conditioners can occupy virtually any space or location in a house.

You can place the indoor units on the walls, or they can be ceiling mounted. Some thin refrigerant lines shall move from the outdoor condenser to the units, which shall remain imperceptible, as they occupy hardly any space.

The traditional ducted air conditioners with their ducts posed a financial challenge when it came to repairs. When there was damage to any point in the ducts, it would be expensive to get it repaired. Repair work was not a straightforward repair or replacement. There first had to be a locating exercise, followed by the repair or replacing. Replacement meant the entire system had to go. It would also take some time before the damage was noticed. As this was happening, the system would still be running and not cooling the house. After repairs, it would be expensive.

The new technology has come in to save so much. It also gives off better quality air.

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