Streaming VS Cable TV- Which is the Best Option.

last year, approximately 5 million American stopped using cable or satellite connection. 80 million of Americans are expected to not be using the traditional pay TV services in the year 2021. Most people prefer streaming as opposed to cable connection.

One of the reason people are getting rid of the cord is due to cost, although its not the primary reason. Most people do not understand why they must use close $100 yet they will not view most of the stations that comes with cable connection.

They are so many commercials that one has to watch when they are watching a program on the pay tv. In an hour around 16 minutes are spent on commercials. DVR users are at an advantage, since they can fast forward hence not watch these numerous commercials. Although you can save more time if you decide to get rid of the cable.

Unlike in the past, right now people have so many options to choose from, hence they do not to settle for pay tv. Some of these alternatives include amazon prime video, Netflix, Hulu and YouTube which allows views to watch free videos and they can also be able to record them and watch them later.

As much as cutting the cord has many benefits, it is not the right choice for everyone though. With cable TV episodes are shown on the same day they air, this is not the case with streaming. There are usually delays with streaming and one must wait for some days so that you can view those episodes.
For sports fans especially, those that are big supporters of teams in other markets, getting rid of cable TV can bring some challenges. You do not have to worry about such problems, if you have digital TV with an antennae. Some sports leagues have made it possible to stream by offering some packages.

People with unreliable internet, should wait until they get a reliable source of internet so as to get rid of the cable TV. It is frustrating to start facing internet issues when watching your best shows. To watch HD videos, one is required to have close to 5 Mbps, for 4k streaming the least amount of Mbps you can have is 25. In cases where you have several devices in the house that are using the internet, to make sure they are all having internet connection, you will be required to have more Mbps.

If you want to save money, have a good source of internet connection, as well as smart TV, then you can consider letting go of the cable TV. Many platforms that one can use for streaming have shows and movies that are exclusive. Streaming from different sources is still cheaper compared to paying for cable connection. Using cable TV is expensive in the long run.